The Best Underdogs Since the Mighty Ducks

So here we are again.

We’re off to Hemel Hempstead to start off the league with an entirely new team, off the back of a relegation battle and zero pre-season friendly wins.

It’s safe to say expectations are low.


Generally fans of other clubs are not rating our chances, with many expecting us to be relegated. There’s probably a few of our own fans who think the same.

On the other hand, we’re optimistic (not that we have a choice). There’s no certainties in football, especially not at this level. You only have to look at our 15/16 season to see how unpredictable things can get. Solid league performance and a great FA Cup run to near relegation zone to the playoffs.

Last season obviously doesn’t bode well, with this one starting in a similar vein of an overhauled squad. Meanwhile Torres and Mills have offed too.

Today won’t tell us too much. A win won’t mean we’ve proved everyone wrong, and a loss won’t prove anyone right. What it does mean is the beginning of months of stress, joy, anticipation, coaches, and trains. We’re hoping at least though that we’ll have a stable enough team to learn some names this time.

No matter what happens we’ll be there all the way making dumb jokes and waving flags. Win or lose, we have more fun than you.

Old propaganda style poster with a horseman waving a Whitehawk Ultras flag