One Game Down

Last Saturday saw our first game of the new season as we took on Worthing. Two different squads were sent out for each half with the latter certainly the stronger. The 1-1 draw was deserved, but there was some great signs of talents amongst the players. We also got to see some of the new signings from the U18s on the pitch.

Obviously there is still a long way to go. Once the pre-season is over and we have a team, there’s still the issue of getting them playing together. Jimmy Dack has certainly got his hands full with essentially an entirely new team to sort out.

On our side, it took a bit of warming up to get back into the swing of chanting, but once we were back in the Din for the second half it was all go. Worthing’s keeper was a good sport throughout too.

In other news, we’ll have the club shop open on August 12th for out first weekend home league game. To start off we’ll be selling scarves, along with the Din Monthly and some other bits and bobs. If all goes well, we’ll begin to start stocking more types of merch. We’re particularly aiming to get the tie die shirt back out again.